Francis Rozange – Lead generation

Don’t be evil

How to get leads without spamming

A lead is a potential customer. In the real world, they are those unbearable phone calls from salespeople wanting to sell you something. On the Internet, this is referred to as a “spammer” and there are many technical and legal ways to get rid of them. It is therefore advisable to use what could be described as a surgical strike: it is a process of finding people with name, email, phone number possibly, corresponding to your target. If you have a substantial budget, everything is fine: you just have to advertise, for example sponsored emails in LinkedIn: they are very effective, and expensive. As for Sales Navigator, LinkedIn’s lead solution, it costs nearly a hundred dollars a month. Another solution is the direct acquisition of ultra-targeted contacts from professionals. And this is precisely what I propose: each qualified contact costs five dollars, which is a modest sum. This is a simple, effective and risk-free solution: if you don’t get results, you don’t pay anything.