Francis Rozange

Ma vie, mon oeuvre

Francis Rozange, a short story

My name is Francis Rozange. I created my first website in 1994, it was I quickly became famous. My work on the Internet was the subject of television reports on all the channels (there were only six!) and the proposals flowed in.

I worked for almost all the French computer press, as well as general newspapers such as Libération: you can still consult my articles there. After having created a magazine on CD-Rom, I launched at the beginning of 1997: a name that has since been copied in almost every country in the world.

Because of the decline of the press, I created in 2009 an online comicshop, certainly the biggest in France, with more than 10,000 references in stock. It still exists on Finally, I created a marketplace on to facilitate international purchases: our offices, for example in Thailand and Bellarus, receive orders made to local suppliers. The items are then carefully checked before being shipped to the recipient, who avoids the disappointment of having to return an item with shipping costs that are usually higher than the value of the items themself.

My years of experience have taught me to express myself in terms that everyone understands. I gladly let the technical babble and the total lack of humor to my esteemed competition and it is for me a real pleasure to share for a reasonable sum, and often for free, thirty years of adventure on the net.