Francis Rozange

The J and J report: good news and not so good in the report published by the FDA
The vaccine, I had already mentioned, is satisfied with a single dose. In terms of infrastructure, organization, costs, this is a fundamental point.
It prevents two-thirds of moderate cases, 85% of severe cases, and no fatalities … yet. Once distributed to millions of people, it will need to be more enthusiastic, especially as its effectiveness on the elderly, and more particularly at risk, is far from equaling that of arnM vaccines.
I remind you that 15% of severe cases means a high probability of death in countries that do not have an impeccable health structure, that is to say most of the planet. Finally, its efficacy appears stable even with super strains.
Overall the good outweighs the bad, it seems more interesting than AZ, but I remain measured until we have the feedback.


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