Social Networks


YouTube is the most powerful social network there is: if you subscribe to a channel, you get a notification every time a new video is published. This seems natural, but it’s actually unique: on all other social networks, only a fraction of the subscribers receive a notification. But this power comes at a cost: you can tweet ten times a day, while it seems hardly possible to publish more than one video a week if it is of good quality.


Linkedin is the b2b network par excellence, unfortunately we could see with the COVID crisis how badly it was moderated, with myriads of conspiracy posts having nothing to envy to other networks. If it is essential to contact professionals and companies, one must be aware of the fact that rules and algorithms change almost constantly, always with the same goal: penalizing free members. Paradoxically, it is also on Linkedin that the robots work best and I use them shamelessly, with great efficiency.


Instagram is the network of the young and the very young, at least that the texts are photographed there to be diffused instead of Facebook. The majority of users are female, they appreciate above all fashion and follow closely the fashion outfits of influencers. For the brands evolving in this universe, Instagram is essential and to be noticed there, it will not require texts but beautiful photos, and possibly videos, which however do not meet the same success as on TikTok.


Twitter is a platform where the written word largely prevails over the visual, despite the 256-sign limit: in the timeline, only the text is displayed, which is quite unique. To develop your network, some people think that posting a lot is enough, and they are wrong. You have to comment a lot and thus get noticed by other members. Twitter has decreased a lot in quality, it’s even more obvious with the takeover of Elon Musk.


From a demographic point of view, Facebook is mom and pop’s network. Unlike other networks, businesses are encouraged to create a business page and post regularly on it. The results? A post is pushed to… two people on average. While it is important for some companies to show a large number of followers for image reasons, it is generally better to focus on online advertising rather than investing in community management.


Tiktok was originally a lip dub application: pretty girls pretended to sing along to the songs of their favorite stars while doing some funny dance steps. It is with the crisis of the COVID that TikTop knew an exponential growth by largely widening its register. TikTok is the network of little brothers and sisters of Instagrammers and « tiktoker » is not far from the pejorative term. In addition to fashion, it is the ideal place to make known everything that appeals to young teens.