Able Alert is a company specialized in the security of construction sites. Its hosting is provided by us on LaFactory Online

The Project

Able Alert, despite its relative seniority, did not have a website. In addition to the design, we were also in charge of the content writing and the retrieval of news (scrapping) related to security automatically inserted on the site.


The Design

It’s not easy to create a corporate design for a serious company, but our first concept was a success. Indeed, the people inspecting the construction sites almost all have a tablet in their hand, for example to consult the construction plans. From then on, the design imposed itself, with this strong idea about mobility.

The Result

We only had a short brief on the company. Instead of shopping around for equivalent companies, we used our artificial intelligence tools. From a few sentences and iterations, we were able to quickly write the English texts. As for the automated content insertion, it has been running smoothly for years.