Web Development

Who am I?

You might be surprised by my credentials. A former contributor to Libération’s Multimedia section, you can read about me in my Pressbook as well as admire the screenshot of one of my websites from… 1996. I’ve been interviewed often, in the press as well as on television. My expertise -especially SEO- is internationally recognized and large companies such as Unilever or the World Expo have called upon my services.

Adjusted prices for a high quality service

Unbeatable prices

On platforms such as Upwork one can order a website by – typically – Indians for a derisory amount. A practice that is becoming more and more widespread in France.

To fight against this competition while providing you with high-end services it was appropriate to react.

So I created two companies, One in Asia – Thailand – and the other in the United States, in Delaware. Both have as their corporate name LaFactory. Billing is based on the location of the customer. It’s certainly not the world I dream of, but it’s the world we live in.

Simplified procedures

I simplified the design process considerably. No sales people. No customer representatives. No project manager, no quotes.

So what do you do? Choose a showcase site for 300 euros or eCommerce for 400 euros. And that’s it. This hyper-rationalization of costs, at all levels, is what allows me to offer you an unbeatable rate for a high-end service.

You hesitate? I invite you to contact some of my clients, all hosted by LaFactory Online, who thus benefit from powerful backlinks from the start of their activity. You’ll have your website in less than a week.

No-Code with WordPress

On the technical side, in order to limit development costs I work in no-code with the Divi web builder, whose license with lifetime updates is offered to you with your site.

Divi is an equivalent of Elementor Pro, only more powerful. What web developers don’t tell you is that while charging four figures, they do exactly the same thing and it’s becoming rare to see someone developing a site directly in PHP.

No advance payment required

Nearly all of our clients choose to be hosted by LaFactory Online, which allows us, once development is complete, to benefit from recurring revenue. Our customers hosted on LaFactory don’t need to pay an advance for the development of their website, which continues to be updated and improved continuously.

Your website in two easy steps

Step 1

Tell me the type of website you want: 300 euros for a showcase site. 400 euros for any other type of site: eCommerce, community, etc. Add 100 euros per additional language.

Step 2

I propose you a base for the design according to your universe. When you are satisfied, I customize and develop the site. You can see the progress in real time. Tell me as you go along the pages and features you need, because we never think of everything at the beginning.

Step 3

There is no step 3. Except the one to contact me. You can also choose your hosting on LaFactory Online: for a development without paying in advance I ask for a one year hosting, the creation of your site will start within 48h. And if you want to keep your current host, you can order a service on digs.fr

Some Clients

insight homes
Able alert
World Expo

In summary

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    Customized and responsive design

    Smartphones, tablettes, ordinateur avec révisions illimitées

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    Speed optimization

    Our high-performance hosting includes WProcket, the best WordPress cache on the market

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    Image optimization

    Automated size and weight optimization and conversion to Webp, the next generation image format

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    Integration of social networks

    Configuration of the Premium Bloom extension for all your social networks

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    SEO Optimization

    In addition to the basic optimization I configure for you the rich snippets used by Google, Open Graph for Facebook as well as Twitter cards

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    Data security

    I install among others a backup software, locally and in the cloud, which also allows to clone or migrate your site

Contact Me

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