Hobbycurrency.com is an eCommerce site specializing in bills and coins collection. it is hosted by us on LaFactory Online

The Project

Our American client wanted an eCommerce website specialized in banknotes and coins. We had the chance to intervene at the genesis of the project and to advise him for the domain name in addition to the hosting provided by us.

The Design

The field of money lends itself well to an original design. Red, the color of luxury, was an obvious choice. Gold was no less obvious, with a third color for the text. The divider, red with a coin in the middle, perfectly sums up the philosophy of this very successful design.

The Technology

Woocommerce is well suited for an eCommerce site of a few hundred products. Our client is not computer literate so we automated everything that could be done. For example, the images are not only optimized but also resized and cropped, so that all that is left to do is enter the product description.