En Bref

LaFactory Marketplace is an ambitious eCommerce site with its dedicated app for IOS and Android as well as customers worldwide, especially in the US. Its hosting with its hundreds of sellers is provided by us on LaFactory Online

The Project

My goal was to develop a marketplace capable of hosting thousands of sellers with millions of visits per month. The website had to be complemented by an app that not only allows you to buy, but also to manage your online store, by publishing products with photos taken directly from your phone.


The Design

For a large eCommerce site, the design should not be original: we want a site that does not displease anyone, fast and intuitive. However, I had some requirements, especially that the menu bar be displayed permanently to facilitate navigation.

The Result

How to make the marketplace known? We think of course of SEO. For physical products, a solution as free as effective is none other than Google Merchant. It is certainly not a small site: Google Merchant has referenced a million products. From December 16 to 23, we had 740,000 impressions and 870 clicks. For free.