En Bref

Top Ten Vegas features online casinos in three languages. Its hosting is provided by LaFactory Online

The Projet

We were asked to create a multilingual website in the world of online casinos. Our client directly bought his domain name and hosting from LaFactory Online, one of my companies specialized in online hosting. I was thus able to intervene on all the elements of the site, without being dependent on an external provider.

The Design

Flashy while remaining chic and good looking, the design was an interesting challenge. It seemed obvious to me to work on a black background and in less than 24 hours, I proposed several projects. As always, I spent more time on the choice of images than on the design itself. In my opinion, this is the most important part of a website: if you’ve ever seen ugly and washed-out pictures on websites, you’ll immediately understand how fundamental it is.


The Content

The text was written from links that were provided to me. Voluntarily uncluttered, the idea was to fit everything on one page. Result, an ultra-fast access to information. The logos were found on the Internet and reworked to stand out in transparency on a black background. However, the original colors were kept. Result: an ultra-fast and ultra beautiful site.