Francis Rozange – How really works a SEO expert

So you want to hire a SEO expert

Beware of scammers

Everyone wants to be on the first page of Google. There are many scammers who promise you miracles. And that’s all they are: scammers. Before hiring a SEO expert, ask yourself this question: does your site deserve to be on the first page of Google? For almost all the eight billion websites, the answer is obviously no. We can of course improve your SEO: Rank 100 instead of rank 100,000 for instance. Yet nobody will find your site within Google search.

The two-steps method SEO

It is therefore necessary to respect the following two steps. The on-page SEO is the content optimization done directly on your website. We rework the content to highlight keywords related to your business. Most of the time this task is easy and inexpensive. Then you have to make your site interesting. For example, if it is a plumber’s site, we would write articles related to plumbing. Count about 20 dollars per article by cheap copywriters. Once we get quality content, we contact webmasters to convince them to add a link to your site. Those are called backlinks. And as we are never better served than by ourselves, we can, for example, post articles on various platforms. Finally, you can offer free content to webmasters in exchange for a link to your site. These practices summarize what is called “white hate” SEO. Good practices, as recommended by Google.