Francis Rozange – Digital Marketing

Good and bad practice

Quantity is not quality

Generally speaking, the worse a product is, the longer its description. To see this, just look around: you will inevitably come across good luck charms, an automatic translator or a strange machine for removing wax from ears. An expert has a much more difficult task: convincing the visitor to buy an ordinary product. The page should take less than three seconds to load, ideally two seconds, both on the desktop and especially on mobile, which now accounts for the majority of connections. The talents of copywriter, web developer and graphic designer must be combined, and when you have enough budget, this is exactly what happens: the ad is designed by a team of at least three people, if not much more.


Google or Facebook ?

First of all, there is not one but three Google: the search engine, YouTube, and the display network. The latter is very similar to Facebook: as of April 2019, one no longer defines keywords but audience segments. The uninitiated usually neglect Google to focus on Facebook as well as its sister networks: Instagram and WhatsApp. This is a mistake, not that Google Ads is necessarily better than Facebook but depending on the context, one will always win over the other. Sometimes we have enough experience in digital marketing to know right away where to focus our efforts. In other cases, it will be appropriate to use both networks and determine your strategy more precisely after a week, which is the recommended time for artificial intelligence to optimize your campaign. The risk is minimal: it only costs ten euros per day.



Essential elements of a good campaign

A typical campaign consists of three elements: the artwork (or video), the text and the audience. And of these three elements, targeting is precisely the most important requirement. You should choose your marketing partner based on their ability to determine the best possible audience. Unless you are selling Christmas decorations or swimwear, this is not a given and instinct is misleading, you will have to frequently readjust the parameters of your campaign. There are interesting tools for this, such as Google Trends. You can read more about this in my many articles on digital marketing.